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Project Description


Technological evolution generates the necessity for innovation in companies. Education needs to produce meaningful learning, developing competencies that prepare university students to meet market needs.
Another need in the engineering field is the fight against gender inequality both in higher education and in companies.


The purposes of STEAM-Active project are:
- Improve the capacity of the higher education educational offer in engineering of new learning and teaching methods;
- Tackle engineering student underachievement and gender inequality;
- Provide university lecturers with STEAM based methodological approaches and teaching tools;
- Provide universities with consistent, re-usable and up-scalable teaching-Learning sequences based on the STEAM methods.

Target Groups

The main target groups of the project are:
- University engineering teachers
- Engineering Students

Expected Results

The main project deliverables include:
- A Protocol for Teachers that will illustrate the framework of the STEAM project design methodology with active teaching methodologies;
- An E-learning based training course for engineering teachers that will include a theoretical description of STEAM approaches and of the implementation active methodologies;
- A Collection of STEAM based Teaching-Learning Sequences that allow teachers to guide students in applying a project based learning methodology to solve socio-scientific-technological situations.

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