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Learning Sequences

A Collection of STEAM based Teaching-Learning Sequences that allow teachers to guide students in applying a project based learning methodology to solve socio-scientific-technological situations.

Cycling tour and Tourism
Introduce the concept of micromobility in modern municipalities. Micromobility is one of the areas where modern municipalities should invest. Cycling is in the middle of circular economy and it needs to be integrated not as a physical exercise (only) but as a way of liv ...
Planning the Placement of Recycling Containers
Contributing to circular economy by planning the placement of the recycling containers in the urban area with considering the network of the recycling points and the local features such as buildings and population density.
Battery systems in electric transportation
The TLS will guide students through the intricacies of designing a battery system for electric transportation. The sequence begins with an exploration of fundamental concepts, including energy density, charging infrastructure, and battery technologies. Students then eng ...
Pick and place of pharmaceuticals for preparation of daily dosage in a medication organizer
Pick and place of pharmaceuticals for preparation of daily dosage in a medication organizer.
Study of the efficiency of machining processes on machine tools.
Identify the most competitive machining process based on a number of criteria of lower energy consumption, process speed and machine efficiency.
Electrical Efficiency of buildings
Improvement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for a building (1 building per student) considering the fixed electrical grid and local renewable generation possibilities, including collective self-consumption with neighbouring buildings.
Intelligent Traffic Management
Intelligent traffic management contributes to reducing traffic jams and making cities safer and easier to live for the community members, including cyclists and pedestrians. Students should suggest the improvements for current infrastructure or new solutions to optimize ...
Enjoy Sailing in Greek islands
Sailing and Greece are two words that can work proper together. Also tourism applies as one economic sector where sailing can help the most during summer. Students should design a mobile app that will promote sailing tourism in Ionian Island with special focus in women. ...
Energy Slot Selection for Production
Energy Slot Selection for Production The optimization of the usage of energy is crucial for Efficient use of resources in circular economy. Saving energy will be one major factor, but also usage of energy ‘in the right time’.
The role of energy storage in the clean energy transition
The TLS explores the design and development of an innovative hybrid energy storage system tailored for stationary applications. With a growing demand for reliable and sustainable energy solutions, the need for versatile and efficient energy storage systems has never bee ...
Diesel motor Efficiency
To carry out the study on the quantity of fuel that would be convenient to introduce in the cylinders of a Diesel motor in order to achieve the best efficiency.
Finding materials for a laser printer
You are interested in working on CIDETEC (Surface engineering department) this July to earn some money and invest it in a trip on August. The enterprise is working in selecting materials for a laser printer, they are developing renewable materials but it is no easy to k ...
Delivery Route Planner
Contributing to circular economy and environment by optimizing delivery routes, that is, reducing gas emission and storage costs, ensuring the delivery of packages, low gas emission level and requirements of state labour laws.
Save water
As the temperature increases in the forthcoming months, the Municipality is looking for a smart system that will help them save water used to irrigate the plants (tree and flowers) in public places. They are looking for a smart irrigation system, that will be installed ...
Automatic Water Level Management Using Dam
Dams are used to generate electricity, store water in reservoirs, control water level down the river and prevent flooding or drought. Appropriate management of water level down the river is very important in order to save fish species and other river fauna and flora, es ...
Photovoltaic System
In this TLS, students are entrusted with the design of a domestic photovoltaic installation. The sequence will guide students through the necessary design steps, from irradiation and surface area calculations to the practicalities of selecting the most suitable PV pane ...
Powerline design
The TLS is focused on the design of a Low-Voltage/Medium-Voltage Powerline. It provides a comprehensive exploration of the key principles and methodologies involved in the creation of efficient and reliable electrical distribution systems, tailored for students in elect ...
Object Recognition for Quality & Safety
Within production and logistics facilities, the quality of the produced products have to be closely monitored and verified and it has to be ensured, that the products do not harm and risk persons when used (personal safety). One of the major possibilities is the use of ...
Tracking and Tracing of Medication
Tracking operations, results and intermediate outcomes in logistics and production is important for a number of reasons: In many sectors, appropriate quality must be ensured and documented, e.g. health or food; Defective intermediate products are lost for use if they ar ...
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