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Learning Sequences

A Collection of STEAM based Teaching-Learning Sequences that allow teachers to guide students in applying a project based learning methodology to solve socio-scientific-technological situations.

Cycling tour and Tourism
Introduce the concept of micromobility in modern municipalities. Micromobility is one of the areas where modern municipalities should invest. Cycling is in the middle of circular economy and it needs to be integrated not as a physical exercise (only) but as a way of liv ...
Planning the Placement of Recycling Containers
Contributing to circular economy by planning the placement of the recycling containers in the urban area with considering the network of the recycling points and the local features such as buildings and population density.
Battery systems in electric transportation
Design of a battery system in electric transportation.
Pick and place of pharmaceuticals for preparation of daily dosage in a medication organizer
Pick and place of pharmaceuticals for preparation of daily dosage in a medication organizer.
Study of the efficiency of machining processes on machine tools.
Identify the most competitive machining process based on a number of criteria of lower energy consumption, process speed and machine efficiency.
Electrical Efficiency of buildings
Improvement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for a building (1 building per student) considering the fixed electrical grid and local renewable generation possibilities, including collective self-consumption with neighbouring buildings.
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