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E-Learning Course

Basis of STEAM

Nowadays STEAM is a widely used acronym in the teaching context. STEAM projects are associated with active learning, fun, value for society, and diversity. However, the meaning of STEAM can vary with respect to the goals and the environment the acronym is used. To make this acronym more approachable, Module 1 covers the basis of STEAM, its evolution, features, and integration levels in practical application.

STEAM Active approach

This module deals with the "Ingredients of STEAM-Active methodological approach", "Ingredients of STEAM-Active teaching techniques approach" and "Teachers’ characteristics/ingredients to be good applying STEAM-Active approach in our teaching".

Basis for designing a STEAM Active project

This third module starts by explaining the design protocol, expanding on the new terminology and how the contents of the previous modules are applied in the protocol. To better understand the design process, there will be an example of a STEAM Teaching-Learning Sequence. The importance of this guide will be highlighted by presenting the learning objectives of each activity, the recommended didactic technique for their development or the evaluation.

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