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Fundamental Issues Regarding the Nature of Technology Implications for STEM Education

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DHBW – Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University
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Secondary Level
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STEAM intervention (teaching strategies, evaluation...), Sustainability and circular economy
Science and technology are intertwined that technoscience has been argued to more accurately reflect the progress of science and its impact on society, general public lacks sufficient understanding of science and technology necessary for informed
decision-making regarding socioscientific/technological issues.
STEM education efforts emphasize literacy across the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but with rare exceptions, treat issues of technology superficially and uncritically.
Main content is an extensive literature study regarding Technology basics and their representation, situating and development technology and impacts.
1. What is technology?
2. How is technology related to nature?
3. How are science and technology related?
4. How are new technologies created?
5. How do humans affect technological development?
6. Why are new technologies created?
7. How does technology affect how people think and act?
8. How does technology impact society?
9. How should technologies be evaluated?
10. What is the proper perspective to take on technology?
Relevance for Complex Systems Knowledge
Seems not be very relevant to our project. However, tackling socioscientific aspects is anyway relevant in STEAM.
Point of Strength
Technology and Science, Science–Technology–Society, Nature of Technology (NOT)
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