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The STEAM-Active project

The STEAM-Active project has two main aims:

  • Support engineering lecturers to use innovative teaching methodologies and develop students’ competencies to meet the labor market needs
  • Fight gender inequality both in higher education and in companies

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STEAM-Active Target Groups

The project is addressed to:
University engineering teachers who want to increase their skills through the study of STEAM methodologies
Engineering Students who need tools to tackle low performance in the different disciplines of Engineering

STEAM-Active Outputs



A Protocol for Teachers that will illustrate the framework of the STEAM project design methodology with active teaching methodologies.


E-Learning Course

An E-learning based training course for engineering teachers that will include a theoretical description of STEAM approaches and of the implementation active methodologies.


Learning Sequences

A Collection of STEAM based Teaching-Learning Sequences that allow teachers to guide students in applying a project based learning methodology to solve socio-scientific-technological situations.

The STEAM-Active project is funded, by the European Commission through the Spanish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme, with the aim of enhancing the quality of teaching and improving pedagogies and assessment methods.

STEAM-Active Partnership

Latest News


New Perspective in Science Education

The StemaActive project has been presented in the framework of the New Perspective in Science Education International Conference held in Florence and online on 14-15 March 2024. The Conference brings together teachers, researchers, practitioners and project managers from all over the world to share findings, expertise and experience about innovative science teaching and learning methodologies. The paper, entitled “PBL Application to STEAM Education Incorporating Sustainability and Gender Equality Axes: STEAM-ACTIVE Project Implementation in University and High School” has been included in the conference proceedings and it reports the link to the project website.


Sixth Partners' Meeting

The STEAM-Active sixth partners' meeting took place in San Sebastian (ES) on 29 - 30 January 2024.
All partners participated in the meeting and the main discussed topics were:
- Feedback about the piloting process for the online course
- Presentation of the TLSs for the second semester
- Planning of multiplier events


Battery systems in electric transportation

The Teaching Learning Sequence "Electrical Efficiency of buildings" is available on the project portal. It deals with the improvement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for a building (1 building per student) considering the fixed electrical grid and local renewable generation possibilities, including collective self-consumption with neighbouring buildings.

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