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Trends, Issues and Possibilities for an Interdisciplinary STEM Curriculum

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University of Peloponnese
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Secondary Level, University Level
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Science & Education volume
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Definition and characteristics of STEAM
This study takes the STEM curriculum as its focus and investigates the influences that have resulted in the current interpretation of STEM as well as the epistemological questions, tensions and issues that this curriculum raises. The study does this through a consideration of previous and current curriculum movements and debates and in doing so raises questions about the underlying assumptions, form and focus that STEM curriculum take before considering some possible future directions.
Relevance for Complex Systems Knowledge
The study considers the tensions that arise in attempting to reconcile the multiple purposes of a STEM curriculum.
The paper has raised questions about the interplay and tensions between knowledge and skills, disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity and how each of these requires attention to be paid to epistemology and how moves toward one or the other do or do not engage particular groups of society with STEM. It would seem that a careful balancing act is required to develop a successful and sustainable STEM curriculum; yet, more research is needed in order to successfully navigate these issues.
Point of Strength
The strength of this study is the focus and the investigation of the influences that have resulted in the current interpretation of STEM.
Curriculum, Interdisciplinary, Epistemology, STEM
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